Olymp Trade or IQ Option: which is the best?

Olymp Trade or IQ Option: which is the best?

What is a better IQ or Olymp Trade option?

You are a broker and you are looking for a decent stage to exchange. In case you need a solid representative, both Olymp Trade and IQ choices. Olymp Trade is just one of the few online choice traders and could very well be a true competitor of IQ Option. Numerous new dealers are in conflict between the withdrawal phase of the contraction. Olymp Trade has the guarantee of the Financial Commission (FinaCom). There are some contrasts between the IQ alternative and Olymp.


Olymp Trade is one of the directors of the Financial Commission and is a free controller located in Russia. The Intelligence Level option is then directed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Both the IQ alternative and Olymp exchange controllers ensure that the representative’s exercises comply with money laws. They also manage the debates that emerge from intermediate acts of abandonment.

Types of benefits

Olymp Trade offers options, forex, stocks, files, digital currencies and objects. There are around 80 distinctive money-related instruments. The intelligence level option, once again, has unmistakably progressive budgetary tools. These include forex, alternatives, ETFs, products, files, digital forms of money and CFDs.

Earnings for exchanges (choices)

Olymp Trade offers returns ranging from 82% to 90% depending on the advantage, the unpredictability and the type of record. The Intelligence Level option also offers returns ranging from 65% to 95%. The arrival is also based on advantage, instability and the type of record.


Both Olymp Trade and IQ Option are available through an Internet browser, workspace applications (Windows and macOS) just like mobile phone applications (Android and iOS).

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The level of alternative intelligence or the exchange phases of Olymp have a close and educated help group. Their help can be reached by phone, visit and email. In the same way they can be reached through online networking phases, for example Facebook.

Extra highlights

Olymp Trade has two distinct exchange interfaces; one for choices and another for forex. The exchange interfaces are naturally planned and simple for beginners. This retailer also offers rewards for the stores made.

The intelligence level option also has a very planned exchange interface. Their interface is far from difficult to explore and incorporates many specialized markers. This agent also offers personalized highlights, such as interviews and support that allow you to interface with different resellers. The Intelligence Level option also organizes contests that allow merchants to win cash prizes.

Final words

The two stages are a decent place for the choices that traders can contribute. Their $ 10 store makes it easy to get started with a small business. Intelligence Level The option offers more and better highlights, including better performance for alternative brokers



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