Scott Bethmann: retired Navy captain apologizes for racial insults streamed on Facebook

Retired Navy Captain Scott Bethmann and his wife Nancy.

Scott Bethmann resigned from the board of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association after inadvertently broadcasting the conversation with his wife Nancy, according to a statement from the alumni association and a family spokesperson.

Bethmann and his wife have been live on Facebook for over 30 minutes, discussing recent events across the country, according to the audio obtained by the affiliate of CNN WJXT.

Bethmann is heard using the word N and complains that he is unable to express his opinion, saying, “White people can’t say anything. This is the point we are raising here, Nancy.”

His wife is heard on the tape talking about “Asian F ****** from China who love to steal all our intellectual property.”

Bethmann’s Facebook page has been removed since then.

“We are deeply sorry”

In a statement released by a family spokesperson, Bethmann said it was never appropriate “to use derogatory terms when talking about our neighbor.”

“There are no words that can properly express how much my wife and I mortify and apologize for the callous things we said that were captured on social media,” he said.

“I know that our apologies ring empty on many ears in our community, especially in today’s environment. We intend to use this experience as an opportunity to grow, listen, learn and reflect.

“We are deeply sorry for the impact that our actions have had on the Naval Academy, my military colleagues and women, our former colleagues, friends, family members and the community as a whole. We are committed to educating more about racial inequalities in this country and be better people. “

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‘Honor, courage and commitment’

The Jacksonville chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association said Bethmann had resigned from the board, which held an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss how to move forward.

“The nature of these comments is inconsistent with our voluntary leadership mission” or the Navy, the alumni association said in a Facebook post.

He said discrimination was not tolerated in its values ​​of “honor, courage and commitment”.

Bethmann was the chapter treasurer and national trustee, the mail said.

The president of the American Naval Academy Alumni Association Foundation Board, retired admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, stated that “the statements do not represent the mission and values ​​of the Alumni Association, the Naval Academy or the US Navy”.
Locklear said in a statement that the association represented “more than 65,000 individuals of different backgrounds and perspectives”.

He continued: “As an alumni organization, we try to be an inspiration for all young people who want to become future officers of the Navy and Marine Corps. We will continue to honor that inspiring role. We are all together in this. We must face the challenges of today and all future challenges of tomorrow … together “.

CNN attempted to speak with Bethmann and contacted the Naval Academy’s Alumni Academy.


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