Smart digital menu for restaurants

digital menu

The world is advancing at a rapid pace and every company must accelerate and keep up with the times. Restaurants are no exception to this rule, which is why the smart digital menu is something you should consider if you are a restaurant owner.

In addition to being environmentally friendly compared to traditional laminated paper or cardboard menus, the smart digital menu is incredibly convenient in the long run.

Plus, in a world where conservation-focused businesses lead the charge, switching to digital menus will surely increase your credibility both online and offline.

If you still have second thoughts about this, you would do well to read while sharing the skinny on smart digital menus for restaurants. At least when you know what to expect, you can make an informed choice.

Paperless and easier:

Instead of printing and reprinting menus every time your chef presents a new seasonal dish, a digital menu can simply be changed. That way, you won’t have to bear additional printing costs when major changes. Owners can easily edit any menu changes and update promotional products almost daily.

Daily promotion options:

The ease of not having to readjust the entire menu to approve a special meal or change specialties every day is priceless. With a digital menu from ONQ Digital, all you have to do is simply add a slide to provide details on the promotional offer for the day. So there is the possibility to return to the main menu to review your useful work whenever you feel like it.

time slots:

This is a fairly new term but refers to a simple process. Basically, if your restaurant serves different dishes during the day, you can change menus as the day progresses. This way, the diner doesn’t need to walk through an entire menu to find meals for a fixed part of the day.

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The images are impeccable:

Images on the screen they are designed to make your menu even more appetizing. Think how easy it is for the food advertisements portrayed on the TV screen to attract you. With the various editing modes available in digital menus, you can instantly create a desire in consumers with the right display. In addition to attractive images, digital menu items tend to appear and capture attention more easily.

Develop your brand:

In catering industry, you have a situation where each restaurant tries to outdo the next. Incorporating a digital menu can add a sense of novelty to your restaurant and help you cultivate a unique brand identity. You can also go up a level by including transparency of ingredients in your menu. Making consistent menu updates will give your customers a sense of consistency and add interest to your establishment.

Easy updating:

It is not necessary to be in the restaurant to update the digital menu. You can update and adjust the menu from virtually anywhere thanks to specific digital menu options.

Reduction of staffing needs:

Excessive waiters and waitresses are no longer needed as the digital menu reduces the time required for customers to place orders. Also, because a digital menu is so flexible, diners can place their orders. The frustrations that diners face when it comes to receiving late orders from busy staff are also eliminated. This saves restaurants money, precious time and customer complaints.

Customer satisfaction is also an advantage. Some diners may find their meals more meaningful when they no longer have to interact with restaurant staff. Thanks to the practical approach offered by intelligent digital menus, diners can enjoy a more intimate environment with less distractions.

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Feedback options:

If you are the type of restaurateur who likes to regularly launch new menu items, it is worth using the smart digital menu features that allow you to get gourmet pre-launch feedback.

These features are often referred to as feedback loops. You can also use them to collect data on the least important and most popular items in the menu so that you can change things accordingly. This means that you no longer have to subject your customers to annoying surveys because the digital platform does it for you.

Creation of a completely new restaurant philosophy:

When it comes to dining, the atmosphere a restaurant creates is everything. Having a digital menu will add an overall look and level of service to your property. People who eat out enjoy the thrill of trying something new and clearly this can be achieved by having the digital platform at hand.

As for the costs that will be incurred by switching to a digital menu, we assure you that your budget will not be reduced. Start-up costs for this menu alternative are relatively low and good value for money is required. With so many benefits, why not go digital?


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