Tesla threatens to sue Alameda County, California, and move to Texas or Nevada

Tesla threatens to sue Alameda County, California, and move to Texas or Nevada

On Saturday, in a series of tweets, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk also threatened to move the company’s headquarters in Texas or Nevada, where the on-site protection rules are less restrictive.

“Frankly, this is the final straw. Tesla will now immediately move his headquarters and future plans to Texas / Nevada,” tweeted Musk. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

“This was a collaborative and bona fide effort to develop and implement a safety plan that allows for reopening while protecting the health and well-being of the thousands of employees traveling to and from work at the Tesla plant,” replied the department Alameda health on Saturday in a statement to CNN Business. “The Tesla team responded to our directions and recommendations and we look forward to reaching an agreement on an adequate security plan very soon.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom had issued new guide Thursday allow manufacturing companies to reopen, which allowed individual counties to apply stricter rules. The Alameda county on-site refuge rule ends on May 31 May 18 date for manufacturers to resume limited operations while Nevada allowed many resellers and companies not essential to reopen Saturday.

“We have worked with [Tesla], but we didn’t give the go-ahead, “said Erica Pan, Alameda county health officer, during the town hall on Friday.” We have not said that it is appropriate to move forward. “

Tesla’s suit, filed with a federal court in northern California on Saturday night, calls for a permanent injunction that prevents the county from enforcing its order of refuge. The company said it believes it is exempt because its operations fall under the definition of critical infrastructure.

Tesla has a battery factory called Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada, but has no footprint in Texas. In February, Musk participated in a survey on Twitter ask his followers if there should be a Gigafactory in Texas. The results were 80% positive.

On Saturday, Musk also encouraged Tesla’s shareholders to file class-action lawsuits against the county for any loss of money, as Tesla’s competitors in other states could resume their operations earlier. He said Tesla should be authorized to reopen because he learned to manage Covid-19 through his factory in Shanghai, China, which is currently the company’s only operating facility.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted Saturday, “Come to Texas! We would welcome Tesla headquarters to Texas. We love jobs and Texans who want to open up and get back to work (while staying safe and following the science of sound). We do a lot of cars and trucks in Texas and we would like more !! “


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