The bad news keeps on coming for Donald Trump

The bad news keeps on coming for Donald Trump

The panel has already indicated that it will recommend prosecutions without specifying who may be targeted by these prosecutions.

The decision on whether or not to charge the former president will ultimately rest with Justice Secretary Merrick Garland, who in mid-November independently appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump.

Without waiting, the justice has already condemned his family business for tax evasion, a blow for the former businessman, although he himself has not been tried.

hard core

But be careful not to bury Donald Trump too soon.

Abandoned by part of the conservative nebula after the attack on the US Congress, the former leader managed to regain almost complete control in a matter of months.

The Tribune, whose downfall has been announced a thousand times, has so far escaped all scandal. As if, by virtue of accumulation, they no longer had any effect on him.

Coming to power in an unprecedented political landscape almost no one predicted in November 2016, Donald Trump could also be tempted to play this candidate-rebel position if defection continues in his ranks.

He’s still one of the big favorites in the Republican primary, and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind us of that, sharing any polling going in that direction.

The ex-real estate tycoon can still count on a loyal base, a stalwart core that swears undying loyalty to him and continues to attend his campaign meetings.

The latter may also lose patience, predicts Lara Brown.

,If some people in his base will rally to him when he says he is the victim of a witch hunt, many others may tire of it.,


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