The Massachusetts ice cream shop closes one day after the reopening because customers have not followed the rules of social removal

The Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour in Mashpee, Massachusetts.

An ice cream shop in Massachusetts had to close its doors on Saturday, just a day after the reopening, because customers refused to follow social distance rules and even harassed employees.

Things went so badly at the Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor in the Mashpee that an employee left the same day.

“One of my best workers left yesterday at the end of her shift. She blocked him during his shift,” said owner Mark Lawrence Affiliate of CNN WFXT. “But the words that have been called and the language, you wouldn’t even say in a man’s changing rooms. And to say it to a 17-year-old boy, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

In accordance with the reopening guidelines, Lawrence stated that the shop asked all customers to place orders at least one hour in advance.

However, many customers ignored the request and showed up without doing so. When the shop was occupied, customers took their anger out on the staff, he said.

“Now I open the doors to a completely new world, with gloves and masks and we run around like chickens, and people are like where my ice cream is? I’m not a trauma center, it’s an ice cream!” Lawrence told WFXT.

“People have forgotten how to treat other humans in the six or seven weeks they have been confined to their homes. They have no idea how to respect other humans.”

Friday after work, Lawrence expressed his dismay Facebook: “In 19 years of activity this is the lowest feeling I have ever experienced.” The next day he made the difficult decision not to open.

Fortunately, the history of this ice cream shop has a sweet ending.

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Those painful posts quickly went viral in the Mashpee, prompting local news coverage and a flow of public support.

Last Sunday, Lawrence had reopened and customers were following the rules.

“Today was a significantly improved operation,” he said on Facebook. “People placed their orders an hour or more (some a day earlier) before pickup time. They followed the rules and it worked.”

“Thanks for the incredible outpouring of love and support from so many,” he added. “It really means a lot to me right now.”


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