The Trump administration will likely announce travel restrictions to Brazil due to the coronavirus spike

A school in the sprawling favela of Paraisopolis is being used as an isolation center for people with coronavirus.

O’Brien, during an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation”, said the administration would likely make a decision on limiting travel to Brazil on Sunday, and said White House officials “hope it’s temporary” . He said the White House “would take a look at other countries on a country-by-country basis” in that region.

Asked to report that travel restrictions in Europe since mid-March have come late to prevent the spread of the virus in the United States, O’Brien stressed President Donald Trump’s decision to limit some travel to China, but suggested that U.S. officials were unaware that people traveling across Europe from China could bring Covid-19 to America in the weeks leading up to the implementation of travel restrictions on Europe.

“We didn’t know that at the time, but we later learned that the Chinese continued to allow people to travel from Wuhan to Europe,” he said.

The coronavirus has not yet peaked in Sao Paulo, the largest and most serious city in Brazil, but the health system is already starting to fail. As the crisis deepens and the death toll continues to rise, President Jair Bolsonaro is urging businesses to reopen. He opposes many governors who are emphasizing social removal measures to slow down the spread.


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