Trump, Ford and the mask dilemma

President Donald Trump speaks during a Cabinet Meeting in the East Room of the White House, Tuesday, May 19, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

It is perfectly in character for the President to spectacularly reject government bureaucrats and coffins. He has long been suspicious of science and scorn against the rules. He also built a brand to be a disruptive outsider, so the fact that doctors doubt hydroxychloroquine could actually be a strong point among conspiracy theorists it attracts.
Trump is also deeply concerned about appearances and believes that wearing a mask may undermine his message that it is safe to open the economy, according to CNN sources. Literally defying the challenge, Trump and his entourage entered the United States Capitol for lunch on Tuesday face-up. He was portrayed faceless covering his face while his science advisors are masked in the background, and he is the kind of photo he wants – establishment egg heads wearing masks behind the warrior president.
Nobody can accuse Trump of becoming a Washington native. His example may be reckless, but he sides with those pro-Trump Americans who suspect that the virus has become an excuse to snatch their freedoms. However, something will have to give. Trump is expected to visit a Ford factory in Michigan this week, where management has publicly told the White House that masks are mandatory.

Could the heads of a car factory in a swinging vital state manage to limit Trump, where the nation’s best scientists failed?

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