Twitter will allow an employee to work from home “forever”

Twitter will allow an employee to work from home

The decision reflects how some measures put in place to deal with the pandemic can lead to a new normal for corporate America, even after the immediate health crisis.

chirping (tWTR) did not specify which roles will qualify for treatment. But the company said that the experience of working from home in the past few months has shown that it can work on a large scale.

“If our employees have a role and a situation that allows them to work from home and want to continue doing it forever, we will make it happen,” said Twitter vice president Jennifer Christie in a statement to CNN Business. “Otherwise, our offices will be their warm and welcoming self, with some additional precautions, when we believe it is safe to return.”

The company does not plan to open most of its offices or to support business travel before September. It also canceled all of its internal company events until 2020 and could extend it to 2021, the note said.

Twitter’s move to allow permanent remote work has been reported for the first time BuzzFeed News, which cited an employee email sent by CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter did not respond to CNN Business’ request to confirm the reminder.

The Twitter announcement comes when a growing number of Silicon Valley companies, once known for the rich benefits of the office and sprawling campuses, now seem to be competing against each other to offer the longest calendar for telecommuting while the health crisis continues.

Facebook (FB) is Google (GOOGL) last week he confirmed to CNN Business that they would let many employees continue working from home until the end of the year. Amazon (AMZN) said employees can work from home at least in early October.
For some big tech companies, following in Twitter’s footsteps allowing indefinite telecommuting can come at a cost. Companies like Apple and Google each have spent billions in offices in recent years.

As Twitter switched to semi-permanent teleworking, it also slowed down hiring. Twitter had plans to increase its workforce by 20% this year, according to financial documents. But because of the pandemic, he paused that plan in an attempt to control his “total expenditure growth”, taking over only in critical areas including engineering and product, as well as his division of trust and security.

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