Walt Disney’s grandson says he is appalled by the manager’s bonuses while the workers are laid off

Walt Disney's grandson says he is appalled by the manager's bonuses while the workers are laid off

Brad Lund, Disney’s grandson, said in interview with the Daily Beast that “all family members will join in our dismay” regarding the Walt Disney (DIS) The oversized payment of the Co. to executives during the delivery period.

“I have already expressed my hope that the Disney organization will continue to provide reasonable compensation and support to its many loyal employees in the spirit of the company that my grandfather was so proud of,” he told the Daily Beast. He added that it is the “right thing to do in these difficult times.”

The company did not immediately return CNN Business’s request for comment. Lund is currently involved in a decade-long legal battle over his legacy with trustees of his mother’s property.

Lund is the second high profile person connected to the Disney family to publicly slam the entertainment company into his treatment of workers. Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney’s brother, Roy Disney, replied to the company theft news in April, tweeting: “WHAT DOES THE FACT DO ?????”

It slammed Disney’s decision to lay off theme park employees after the company paid dividends to shareholders and gave bonuses to executives. Disney said in a profit appeal earlier this month that it would not pay the July dividend to shareholders. In addition, the company’s executives suffered substantial pay cuts due to Covid-19.

Walt Disney Co. announced in April that it was launching employees “whose jobs are not needed at the moment”. The coronavirus pandemic has forced an important pillar of Disney’s operations to suspend operations, including its parks, resorts and entertainment productions. Over 75% of the company’s 223,000 employees work for the Parks and Products division.

Abigail Disney previously called former Disney CEO Bob Iger “insane”. Last year, Iger earned $ 46,525,560, which was 911 times the median worker’s pay. He left the CEO position in February and was replaced by Bob Chapek, but remains the president of Disney.
Abigail Disney does not play a role within the company. Previously he blew up Disneyland’s working conditions and his pay.


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