Washington DC paints a giant “Black Lives Matter” message on the way to the White House

The words Black Lives Matter is painted in bright yellow letters on the road to the White House.

The huge banner-like design spans two blocks of 16th Street, a central axis that leads south directly to the White House. Each of the 16 bold and yellow letters crosses the width of the two-lane road, creating an unmistakable appearance easily identifiable by aerial cameras and practically anyone in a few blocks.

The painters were contacted by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and started work early Friday morning, the mayor’s office told CNN. Bowser officially considered the 16th Street section with the mural “Black Lives Matter Plaza”, complete with a new road sign.

Bowser told reporters outside St. John’s Church near Lafayette Park that she and DC Council members were there “like Washingtonians – we simply want to be here together in peace to show that in America – you can gather peacefully, you can bring grievances to the government and you can ask for change. “

“We are here peacefully as Americans, on the American streets, on the streets of Washington,” said Bowser, who appears to refer to the recent confrontation he has had with the federal government over their attempts to patrol the streets of Washington.

Washington was the site of over a week of protests in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. St. John’s Church, the photo opp site severely criticized by President Trump during a peaceful protest, is located along the stretch of road that now carries the BLM message. They will continue this weekend, including one on Saturday which should produce a large turnout.

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CORRECTION: this piece has been updated with new information that the painting was commissioned by the mayor of Washington DC.


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