Andy Serkis will read ‘The Hobbit’ live online for charity of the NHS

Andy Serkis will begin the marathon read on Friday morning.
Serkis, who is best known for playing Gollum who lives in the cave in the film adaptations of Tolkien’s books “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” – will begin reading at 10 in the morning (5:00 ET), Twitter Thursday.

He invited fans to join him on “one of the greatest fantasy adventures ever written” in an undertaking that should last about 12 hours.

Serkis becomes the latest celebrity to read to fans while millions remain at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor asks fans to donate to the “Hobbitathon” appeal on his GoFundMe page, which is raising money for Best Beginnings, a charity that supports families with young children and NHS Charities Together, which raises money for hospitals in the UK.

Serkis says charities “are doing overtime at this time to help those in need” on his page and set a target of £ 100,000 ($ 123,000).

“From an unexpected party to the last stop, join me and Bilbo in this story of great adventures,” he wrote.

“Together we will face the power of the trolls, travel to the magical Great Ravine, meet the giant spiders in the mazes of Mirkwood and the evil goblins who live among the roots of the Misty Mountains, until we meet the Smaug dragon and see the battle of the five armies” , continued the post on his fundraising page.

The actor also starred in franchise films “Planet of the Apes” and “Star Wars”.

Joins a wave of fundraising efforts for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, including retired soldier and centenary colonel Tom Moore, who raised over £ 30 million ($ 37.4 million) by walking for his gardens on his 100th birthday.
On Tuesday, Daniel Radcliffe joined several celebrities to read “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to keep the fans entertained.


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