budget, more than 6 billion for investment in the next three years

Budget, over 6 billion for investment over the next three years

6 billion for the three-year period of 2022-2024 and an investment of over 47 million. That’s what the Campidoglio budget adjustment envisions, presented by Councilor Sylvia Scozzes at City Council yesterday. Skózes said the funds recovered from state and regional capital transfers totaled “885 million, 345 million more than in January, of which 700 million are linked to the PNR.”

“In terms of capital, Roma Capital allocated 1.7 billion for investment in January, and today, with two changes, we have reached 2.8 billion. The resources have been increased with an administrative surplus of 475 million” . Another recovery “comes from the reduction of mortgages. They are worth 686 million in the budget, we have reached 635 today. We save 51 million which are destined for the current part”, explained the commissioner.

Osp’s income

The additional 29 million would then come from taxes from businesses on public lands (OSP) dehors and tables. Free during the two years of the pandemic, they returned to being paid regularly. “We have a tax assessment that is 29 million more for public land (Osp) businesses, because clearly the regime has changed: we have gone from the Covid emergency which had restrictions coming into force in May, to a resolution Plus, new tariffs,” Scozzi said. On the current revenue front which was 5 billion and 550 million in the budget for 2022, today 6 billion and 122 million have been traced “because we have implemented a restricted surplus of 389 million”. Overall, 572 million has been recovered on current revenue.

At the same time, however, the provision for the tourist tax was reduced by 14 million. “The offices expected more tourist attendance in the first 6 months of the year, which did not happen due to Covid. Given the significant attendances we have registered, we believe that this lack of entry will be corrected in the autumn settlement can be found and detected” the Scottish concluded.

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Criticism of the centre-right

Sharp criticisms on the maneuver come from the opposition. “The budget adjustments under discussion in the Capitol are useless documentation, the initiatives that have been taken are fragile and inconsistent, the departments do very little” said Councilor Fabrizio Santori of the Northern League. “The mayors continue to snooze in their golden world and the Romans remain mired in filth and degradation, victimized by poor security and exposed to a serious and persistent health risk amid wild boar and bonfires. Rome burns, But not the shaky arrogance of a PD that ignores citizens and is unable to respond to their needs. To be ignored”.


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