MS Office at Bareback’s Office

MS Office at Bareback's Office

DGerman data protection authorities shy away from very little, certainly not US tech giants. In late November, the Data Protection Conference, the body of independent data protection authorities in Germany, struck out against Microsoft From: She expressed serious concerns about Office 365, the cloud-based software package that is common to millions of offices. What happens to the data on Microsoft’s servers is very opaque.

Alexander Wolfers

Economy editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

In the future, companies will need to ensure that customer and employee data remains secure when using Word, Excel or Teams. “It’s going to be difficult,” says Baden-Württemberg data protection officer Stephan Brink, whose state Office 365 can only be used in schools under strict conditions.

Microsoft itself immediately denied the convention’s interpretation, saying that the company adheres to strict European Union data protection rules. The idea of ​​a data protection officer is now explicitly supported by the federal government as well.

This comes from a response to a short request by CDU MP Mark Biedakj, obtained by FAS. It states: “The federal government basically shares the assessment of the Data Protection Officer of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Stephan Brink, regarding data protection problems when using Office 365 products from Microsoft in public administration.” Demonstrate the lawfulness of the processing of personal data”.

“Measures that make the use of products unnecessary”

This lack of clarity creates particular difficulties for federal institutions to prove that data processing is taking place within a statutory purpose. This is the only way that “the processing of personal data is at all possible in such an environment”. According to the federal government, the tests required are “intensive and involve considerable effort”.

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