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Sandy Munroe has seen a lot in her ten years as an engineer at Ford and then more than three decades as a lean manufacturing consultant, but she still looks amazing. Last week, co-workers presented him with a photo that was previously leaked by a YouTuber and probably An unfinished Tesla Cybertruck at the Gigafactory in Texas it shows. Munro marveled at the design, which at first glance revealed a massive cast part for the rear of a Tesla pickup. However, upon closer inspection, he found that it actually consisted of five pieces put together.

“Tons of Comments” on Tesla Photo

Munro’s spontaneous reaction immediately after the publication of the Cybertruck photo and the first reports about it was enthusiastic, but also a bit perplexed. Someone will be fired for this, he says inside a short twitter video, only then running with an exclamation of astonishment occasionally to study the picture with the camera. He asks for more material (which is not currently available) and explains that what he sees is even more revolutionary than he thought. Then, though, Tesla experts began to have a little doubt whether the rear Cybertruck element was really just one piece.

In a video posted to YouTube the next day, he condensed. She got a lot of comments about the photo, Munro explains at the outset. He still talks of a “single casting” behind the Cybertruck, but it immediately sounds like he doesn’t believe in it anymore. He then counts out loud from a recording on a large screen behind him and comes up with the five components that make up the supposedly huge cast part in one piece.

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Cybertruck’s expectations in this regard were more demanding. Even the fact that it’s supposed to be a supporting structure beneath a clearly visible stainless steel body doesn’t exactly fit Tesla’s statement about the idea that the pickup will have an exoskeleton. Plus, at least the big cast was expected, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out in July Giga press orders for Cybertruck with 9000 tons of clamping force informed. This is 3,000 tons more than the die-casting machines of the Model Y, which had only one die-cast in the rear frame.

Cybertruck prototype not from Giga Press

According to Munro, however, parts of the Cybertruck’s current picture were not even made in such a large press. A prototype can still be seen, he points out, and at this stage Tesla is probably still toying with rapid production of individual parts using other processes. Giga press with 9000 ton clamping force, which Italian maker Idra Systems says it recently ready for shipment to an unnamed customer, Munro says hasn’t been able to get it up and running at a Tesla factory since then. So it will probably be a while before a Cybertruck rear made of just one element or at least five can be seen in Texas.


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