The new Twitter alternative does a lot right

The new Twitter alternative does a lot right

Not a day goes by without a report on Twitter and its new overlord Elon Musk. left and right decisions are made that are for discussions Violate applicable law or contradict the “free speech absolutism” promoted by Musk. In the last few days, from the accounts banned neo-nazisWhile aircraft trackers such as “Allonjet” or more than one dozen reporters by CNN, The Washington Post or The New York Times off became.

All these uncertain decisions inevitably lead find an alternative becomes necessary. Some names have surfaced in the last few weeks and many have disappeared again.

While alternatives like Hive again disappeared from trends due to security gaps and insufficient endurance, it persists mastodon The race remains the biggest option. Besides, there are still newcomers trying their luck. One of these newcomers is Post. A platform that some say has potential.

what is mail

who posted website,, upon first arrival, is greeted with great promise. On the homepage of the platform we get a short text Post founder Noam Bardeen, former CEO of popular app Waze and ex-Google employee. In his announcement, Bardeen talks about the social networks that used to be were fun And that can be discussed without direct insults or threats.

Under the motto “real people, real news, civilized conversation”, Bardeen wants to launch a new platform that is reminiscent of Twitter, but at the same time does not repeat the mistakes of Blue Bird. This includes clear rules for dealing with each other, the possibility of monetizing content, and direct integration of news into the app.

Even if you want to participate in the post, you will have to do so through the waiting list. While these waiting lists are often used to create artificial promotions, it is initially said to be necessary on the post due to low capacity. According to the statements of the platform, the capacity of both the team and the servers is not nearly enough to allow the rush of interested people to the platform immediately.

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noisy post from bard December 14 is the totalt 200,000 active users Plus over 400,000 interested people waiting list, Eventually, the queue moves at irregular intervals. If we make it to the waiting list, we will receive an invitation email by post.

In a colorless email, just text, without a logo, we receive a link to access the post-beta. In this mail we are also immediately informed that we cannot expect any kind of support in the beginning and that we should expect problems. A comprehensive FAQ section should help us here. If we follow the link, we get directly to the registration on the post.

We don’t require more than an email address, your name and a username. However, the choice of a username should be considered carefully, since the post will still, at least initially, no name changes Is allowed. If you were expecting a cool three letter name, you’ll be disappointed. A post handle requires at least six characters. Once we enter the code from the e-mail, the registration is complete.

twitter lookalike

At first glance, Post’s interface direct acquaintance, The feed is structured in a similar way to Twitter, and the sidebar looks familiar to me as well. A classic onboarding, like the one you get on Twitter as a new user, doesn’t yet exist on Post due to the low number of users. Instead, the platform offers us explore tab As the main feed that streams tons of new content into our timelines without having to find accounts to follow.

In general, the first time you scroll through the post it strikes a few things right for me. Not only this the interface looks familiar, and the prospects for negotiations were not even reconstructed. Retweets, reposts are available here under the name, posts can be liked and commented on. If we tap on Repost, we also have the option to quote the post and enrich it with our own content. An option that Mastodon does not offer till date.

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If we want to make our own post, we also have some posts here formatting options, Text can be written in bold, italic and strikethrough, lists, links, quotes and images can also be inserted. There is no character limit for the text itself. integration of twitter preview, If we post a Twitter link on the post, the preview is directly loaded and hence displayed in the post feed in a pleasant readable manner. Hashtags can also be found on posts, but here hotly discussed topics are called “topics” rather than “trends”. One feature the Post is currently searching for in vain is direct messaging. While these may still find their way onto the platform, at least in the future, they clearly aren’t a top priority for now.

post in pictures

interesting monetization

but the post is also created monetization thought about the material. In addition to the symbols for repost, like, and reply, there is also “Tip” button, Here we can support individual tweets with a tip, for example because we want to promote the content or just because thank you poster Want to Some thought has also been given to the press material. The Post wants to enable newspapers to sell their content directly on the platform.

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Post users should be able to purchase individual articles directly from the Post and then read them instantly in the app. Through direct integration, changes to the website of News article is no longer necessary. In future, payments should be made directly through payment service providers or through earned tips, which are displayed as credits in our profile. As of today, we can only top up our account with a credit card to use this money for tips and future news articles.

As the expansion progresses, other payment service providers will be added. What’s still missing in the post native apps, We couldn’t find any suitable app in Store for Android or iOS. This is most likely due to the age of the platform and any questions about paying for content, as Google and Apple charge 30 percent when making purchases within apps.

If we tap “Install App” directly on the post page, we will receive instructions to make a deposit Web app, Although native apps are always better, the web app doesn’t detract from the experience because of its maturity.


The post platform makes one for its young age very promising effect, Registering and getting started is simple, and the interface is familiar at first glance. The monetization model can make particular posts interesting for many users, but also for press houses.

Whether or not the platform will be successful at the end of the day will largely depend on the willingness of many Twitter users to migrate. Until then, the Post still has a lot of work to do. that chance of success But the platform certainly has.


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