football | Bundesliga: TSG Hoffenheim: it’s the timetable for the summer

 football |  Bundesliga: TSG Hoffenheim: it's the timetable for the summer

Status: 06/01/2022 10:58 AM

TSG Hoffenheim will begin their pre-season preparations at the end of June. Apart from a few friends, TSG is going to training camp in Kitzbühel.

New season, new coach – TSG Hoffenheim goes with him Andre Breitenreiter in the new Bundesliga season. Broadly speaking, the main points are already in place to prepare for the season.

Public training start and test match against Heidenheim

The TSG professionals will return to the training ground on June 26. The team will complete a public training session in Zuzenhausen from 3:00 p.m.

The only Test game scheduled so far will be on July 9 at 3:30 PM. At the Wiesenthal Stadium in Brackenheim, TSG met 1. FC Heidenheim of the 2nd Bundesliga. The test match takes place as part of the 100th birthday of the football department of VfL Brackenheim. The other test match opponents are yet to be known.

Training Camp in Kitzbühel

From July 11 to July 17, the team is going to a training camp in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Competitive sport resumes in Rodinghausen

The first competitive game of the new season will take place on the last weekend of July. In the first round of the DFB Cup, André Breitenreiter’s team travels to Regionalliga team SV Rodinghausen.

The new Bundesliga season starts in a week. TSG Hoffenheim’s first opponents will be announced on 17 June when the fixtures for the new season are released.


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