Start of DBBL season: Basketball players are also expecting EM effect

Start of DBBL season: Basketball players are also expecting EM effect

Status: 10/14/2022 9:49 pm

Starting this weekend, women’s basketball players in the Bundesliga will again be in search of the basket. The DBBL is also looking forward to a positive impact from the men’s European Championships.

In the DBBL, up to twelve teams can compete against each other and determine the German champion. However, this season only eleven teams are competing for the title. Hot Candidate: Kingfisher from Freiburg, The Last season won the German Championship for the first time And now compete as the defending champion.

The Eisvogel Freiburg women’s basketball team is the German champion of the 21/22 season.

Level is high in DBBL

There have also been many changes within the teams for the new season in DBBL, making it difficult to categorize the teams accurately. “I find the league very balanced,” says Luisa Knuffer, captain of the German champions from Freiburg. “We have fewer teams now. It really always means that the teams are together again,” continues the 20-year-old.

Several new professional players were signed by the clubs for the new season. “I am convinced that the Rhineland will be very strong again,” says Knuffer. The Rhineland Lions were runners-up in their first season in the DBBL, losing the final against Eisvogel from Fiberg. Other strong teams include Rutronic Stars Keltern and TK Hannover Lucchese. Nufer says, you will have to wait and watch for other teams.

Louisa Knuffer, captain of the Eisevogel Freiburg

new season expectations

According to her captain, Freiburger Eisevogel’s preparations went differently than expected. Due to some injuries and other commitments, some players could join the team later. Shooting guard Nufar is still upbeat about the new season. You have to get used to it first and find your way in the league. “The goal is always to make the playoffs,” she says. The Freiburg team will play their first match on Friday evening (14 October) against Royals from Saarlouis.

Rutronic Stars Keltern in Sunday’s Baden derby against Freiburg

And Rutronic Stars Press are also looking forward to the start of the season. “Anticipation is high for the new season. The girls are motivated,” says managing director Dirk Steidl. On Sunday, Keltern’s basketball players will meet Freiburg’s Ice Birds in the Baden derby. Dirk Steidl is looking towards the game positively: “I think our team is capable of making the game a success.”

Rutronic Stars Keltern players form a circle

Men’s EM propaganda noticeable?

At the European Championships in September, the men’s good performance sparked an unexpected basketball promotion in Germany. The European Championship semi-final between Germany and Spain (91:96) averaged nearly three million television viewers. Luisa Nufar is optimistic that the enthusiasm will last. “I am confident that the wider public will now feel more the attraction of the sport.” She has also received a lot of positive feedback from her circle of friends. “I hope it spreads a little bit to women’s basketball now,” Nufar continued.

“Women’s basketball still gets a lot less attention than men’s basketball. So I hope there’s something there,” says the 20-year-old. He hopes that players will one day be able to combine their studies with their sports. But till then there is still a long way to go.


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