Sparks warns twice: Accounts empty after SMS fraud

Sparks warns twice: Accounts empty after SMS fraud

Sparkasse customers are frequent victims of phishing attempts. Fraudsters are currently trying to break into accounts in two ways.

Dortmund – Online banking should make everyday life easier. Pay invoices quickly, make overdue transfers, check account balances quickly. Everything is possible in the digital age. Unfortunately, unauthorized persons also gain access to accounts – and only through an SMS.

Sparks warns twice: Accounts empty after SMS fraud

The savings bank is currently warning about this. There are currently two scams going on through which fraudsters want to siphon money from other accounts. Both work by sending messages on the victim’s mobile.

In the first version, an SMS, with the sender believed to be a savings bank, indicated that the account was being restricted for “security reasons”. To prevent this, the recipient is redirected to a website via a link. It is a phishing site, the financial institution warned in a statement dated December 8, 2022.

Savings bank customers get suspicious SMS: Two scams going on to empty account

On the website in question, the account holder is then asked to provide online banking data and the number of the Sparkus card. This can have disastrous consequences. The Sparkasse explains: “Please do not enter any data on phishing pages. Otherwise your data may be misused by fraudsters, e.g. B. to call on behalf of your Sparkasse and ask for a TAN.

This TAN can be used to make fraudulent transfers or create a digital Sparkus card, which can be used for purchases. Account can be cleared in very less time.

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Contact via SMS: Sparkas customers have to be careful

But it’s not just an SMS about an account ban that should set off alarm bells for all Sparkus customers. In a second attempt at fraud, scammers write about an expiring PushTAN registration.

Dazzle Customers Attention: Fraudsters looking to rob accounts via two text messages.

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Victims of attempted frauds are also redirected to phishing sites on the pretext of avoiding this. There, online banking access data, telephone number, date of birth, Sparks card data have to be handed over, the bank announced in a message on December 12.

Don’t expose sensitive account data: Sparks warns

PushTAN users are also asked to issue an order. With this information, scammers can also gain access to the account.

Here too, Sparkus warns against passing sensitive data. If this has already happened, the bank’s computer emergency team appeals: “Please contact your savings bank immediately regarding the blocking of your online banking access and any digital cards.”

Anyone who receives SMS from Savings Bank in future needs to take immediate precautions. If you are unsure, you should contact the relevant institution beforehand. On the other hand, personal data must under no circumstances be passed on following such a message.

List of rubrics: © Michael Gstettenbauer/Imago; Westend61/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/RUHR24


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