Football: meet the 12-year-old star of Syrian football commentator Hazem al-Hossain

Syria's 12-year-old football commentary star

For the 12-year-old Syrian Hazem al-Hossain, this led to an interruption of his artistic connection with the beautiful game: the comment.

Hazem is a passionate commentator and now takes advantage of every opportunity to comment on gathering games after the game he loves has been suspended by the coronavirus.

Rather than taking part in a two-on-two game with his friends, al-Hossain prefers to “pass on the action” of the heated game that takes place in front of him.

“I love commenting more than playing,” al-Hossain told Reuters news agency. “It’s more interesting to me.”

His love for comments started when he was five years old, when he was watching a match between the Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, and has since preferred to comment on the game. And his focus remained on calling the action.

However, Al-Hossain does not support an individual team.

“I don’t support any team,” he explains. “Any commentator should be neutral. I don’t have to support any team.

“I love the Spanish championship, the English championship, the Italian and French championships. I love the game.”

When he cannot comment on his friends while playing, he comments on the video games his older brother plays instead.

“When I play PlayStation, he always sits next to me and starts commenting on the game,” says al-Hossain Mulham’s brother. “I wish him luck and would like to see him a famous commentator someday.”

Following the fan

Hazem records himself and uploads his videos to hundreds of online followers, and hopes one day to receive formal training.

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One of his fans appreciates the lack of infrastructure to support people like Hazem: “His videos are very beautiful and he has a beautiful voice,” they explain. “We must remember that he is only 12 years old and in first grade.

“It’s nice that he has this talent, but the problem is that we don’t have academies here to support these children in order to improve them and train them to become commentators.

“There are no commentators in Syria.”

Syria has 45 confirmed coronavirus cases with 3 deaths so far.

The authorities eased the blockade last week and allowed a wide range of professions and businesses to return to work.


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