Coronavirus live news and updates from around the world

Coronavirus live news and updates from around the world
Trafalgar Square is empty on May 7 in London. Andrew Redington / Getty Images

UK blockade measures are still under discussion and nothing has been finalized, but the country’s return home message will likely be simplified this weekend, according to CNN deliberations officially.

The official said the changes would likely include allowing the British to expand their social groups. There was still debate over how this expansion would be defined.

The United Kingdom has the second highest death toll from the virus in the world following the United States.

The official was confident that on Sunday he would see the British government abandon “stay home” as a central part of his message.

They said stores, including hardware stores or garden centers – mostly open-air stores – could probably reopen. Pubs, cafes, restaurants and department stores should not have reopened for the foreseeable future.

Separately, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said that the United Kingdom “will proceed with utmost caution” when it begins to ease restrictions on the coronavirus.

“We will be guided at all stages by science and data and will closely follow the impact of any easing of social exclusion measures and will not hesitate to tighten the rules if necessary.”

The spokesman added that the British prime minister wanted to maintain a “four-nation approach” regarding the lifting of restrictions.

Earlier, Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said it was his “preference” for all four UK governments to make changes in the same spot, but if Johnson decides to move faster, he will respect his decision.

Johnson’s spokesman said that a four-country approach to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales offers “the best way to go”.

“The four nations have joined the restrictions at the same time and should, where it makes sense, exit the restrictions at the same time. We agree that the only circumstances in which there should be a divergence are when there is evidence to support this. ”

The British economy is heading for the worst accident in over 300 years due to the pandemic according to a new forecast from Bank of England.

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The spokesman acknowledged the tribute that the current measures were having on the British economy, but reiterated the warning that a second spike would have been even more devastating.


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