Matt Damon discusses life in solitary confinement in the “fairytale” Irish city

Matt Damon discusses life in solitary confinement in the
Talking to a video call on the Irish radio station SPIN 1038Damon has revealed that he and his wife have spent the last two months with their youngest children in Dalkey’s rich Dublin coastal suburb – while their eldest daughter and her college roommate battled the virus in New York. City. Since then the couple has recovered, he said.

The Good Will Hunting star arrived in Ireland in early March to work on Ridley Scott’s new film, “The Last Duel”. But since then he has been stuck there with his wife Luciana Barroso and their three youngest children.

In an exclusive video call with the radio show “Full Charged”, Damon told presenters Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly that the area is “incredible” and like a “fairy tale”.

“This is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to,” he said.

The family was accompanied by teachers for the children as they planned to be gone for eight weeks before the pandemic hit.

“We have what no one else has, which is a real human being who teaches our children,” he said.

The couple plans to reunite with their daughter “later this month”, although Damon hasn’t expanded on where he would be.

Restrictions on the blockade in Ireland have required people to remain less than two kilometers from their homes, but this has not been a problem for Damon and his family as forests, forests and the ocean are all within reach, he said. .

“I can’t think of anywhere I would prefer to be within 2 km,” he said. “It seems a bit of a fairy tale here.”

Damon told the show’s presenters that they heard they were trying to interview him, but it was only after speaking on FaceTime to the frontman of U2 Bono, who lives nearby, that he made contact.

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“He said ‘you know there is a radio station looking for you.’ So it was like the final momentum for me. “

When asked if he would consider buying a property in the area, which is home to numerous Irish celebrities, he said: “I will be going back anyway. Whenever the rights guy in the world himself and we are allowed to return to work , we still have a film to make. We have eight weeks of filming to look forward to, hopefully sooner or later. “

& # 39; contagion & # 39; vs. coronavirus: the film's connections to a real-life pandemic

He added: “Who knows what the world will be like. This wouldn’t be a bad place to end.”

Damon revealed that he recently spoke to Scott Burns, the screenwriter of Contagion – the 2011 film in which he starred in a deadly virus.

“Anyone who says you can’t predict it, look at Contagion. Ten years ago we shot a film just talking to experts and asking ourselves what it would have been like … The whole thing is tragic and sad.”

Towards the end of the interview, the presenters invited French nurse Anaise – one of Damon’s super fans – to the call.

Taking her by surprise, Damon said, “Thanks a lot for what you are doing. This has been so difficult for everyone, but if there is any silver coating it is that hopefully people will finally understand how fantastic your workers are. in the front line, what are you guys doing and the debt we owe you guys. “


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