Minneapolis protests for the death of George Floyd

Minneapolis protests for the death of George Floyd
A woman shouts to a sheriff’s deputy during a protest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on Thursday May 28 in Minneapolis. Mark Vancleave / Star Tribune via AP

As evening falls in Minneapolis, protests show few signs of mitigation.

CNN correspondent Josh Campbell, on the scene in Minneapolis, described the scene as the crowd continues to grow.

“There was a community member yelling at people throwing stones at the windows, saying, ‘Don’t do it in my community.’ Not all of us behind us are protesters. Some are trying to keep peace,” he said.

The crowds have been there all afternoon and there seem to be more people tonight than last night.

Numerous large fires are still active, including a car that has been ignited and the air is thick with floating smoke and tear gas.

Previously, police installed a fence around the perimeter of the police department to separate protesters from the district. Since then the barrier has been broken down by protesters.

There are cops on the roofs throwing tear gas into the street, Campbell said. Protesters are responding by throwing stones and glass bottles, throwing firecrackers and using lasers to indicate police officers when it gets dark.

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