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From Maria Egizia Fiaschetti

The head of the budget has launched a mapping to identify critical issues and launch an overall strategy: over the past five years, resources not collected for the payment of Tari have exceeded one billion and 600 million

To improve the efficiency of the administration to collect taxes, it would be easier to pay tori electronically as well. For the budget Councilor Silvia Skózes thinks of a rationalization plan to attack the problem,

The municipality, on input from the deputy mayor, has begun a mapping exercise to reverse course – a problem also monitored by the court of auditors – with resources to cover the hole due to no longer being collected. A huge allotment of Rs.

Scottish assessors, is it possible that only 30 percent of the Romans pay tax?

not at all, you made one misunderstanding: On an average, 30 percent of annual non-rainfall accumulates on Tari, which the administration is unable to recover now. We are here for six months and we are doing a precise analysis to understand whether it is due to assessment process, applicable collections, effectiveness in making those who have already been stopped and received a reminder payment ….

What is the effect of not storing water?

Residual assets (resources not collected) between 2017 and 2021 Ed) is over a billion and 600 million. The collection efficiency stood at 33 per cent on an average. Normally we collect 70 percent as compared to the annual assessment.

What is the reason for the lack of effectiveness in collection of tax revenue?

From the beginning of our mandate, we are committed to taking action. Let’s start with an analysis of the process to identify elements of weaknesses and introduce a plan that is also valid for other types of taxes in which we face similar problems, both for evasion and missed collection. Our goal is to develop a strategy that rationalizes the position. Measures being studied: coordinated action is needed, perhaps even varied by tax type.

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Who are the subjects responsible for the assessment and collection procedures?

The municipality is responsible for the process. Acqua Roma, as a service company, provides administrative support in assessment activities, while Equitalia intervenes for mandatory collection. How to proceed depends on a serious and detailed analysis.

Can digitization of tari payments, as in Milan, be a valid tool?

The system can also be improved with telematic option for seamless payment. In the name of simplification, we had given the address on Tari.

Is the delta between assessment and collection of lost revenue also due to staff shortage?

I asked for a comprehensive assessment of the adequacy of such activity, technology, people involved in the database…

Unneeded resources weigh on the ability to spend in other areas…

The accumulation that has accumulated in recent years is a worrying fact that we must attack.

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April 28, 2022 (Edited April 28, 2022 | 07:25 AM)


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