Rome will have 250 million euros less to spend (due to IMU)

Rome will have 250 million euros less to spend (due to IMU)

Cursed emu at the second house. That is to say, it is not a citizen who has to pay the installment by December 16, but the municipality of Rome. During the analysis of the budget for 2023, under discussion in the Giulio Cesare hall these days for approval until the end of the year, Commissioner Silvia Scozzi had to pay attention to a shortfall of 250 million euros for the Campidoglio coffers, which is a large part. These are due to a decision of the Constitutional Court on the payment of the IMU for the spouses.

Judgment that resets IMU for spouse

But what did the tax on other houses, i.e. the imu (proper municipal tax), have to do with Rome’s spending power? Simple: On October 13, the Constitutional Court filed Judgment No. 209, which states that, for a house to be considered as the main residence, it is sufficient that the owner resides there or lives there without the rest of the family. In short: A married couple in which the husband and wife reside at different addresses, even within the same municipality, do not have to pay tax. Full Discount. Of course, everything should be displayed in case of a dispute, but clearly keeping the bills in order is sufficient.

145 million euros less (and at risk of repayment) for Roma

However, the fact is that to date this has meant a loss of 145 million euros for Rome, as confirmed by the President of the Budget Commission, Giulia Tempesta (PD): “And we have not yet calculated the reimbursement – that adds to Romatoday – because apparently there are people who paid in June and will come to demand the money back with the punishment of October. In any case, Mayor Gualtieri and the whole junta will fight against the government for the different revenues, this It is not possible that in other cities this is not a problem, but only in Rome”.

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“Covid refreshment is over, but we will not cut horizontally”

In addition to the loss of emu revenue, other items will also contribute to lower spending capacity by the capital in 2023: “We no longer have refreshments provided during the Covid emergency – Tempesta recalls – so rental bonuses, resources Things like resources for schools and social services that they used to go through largely in the Lazio region will no longer exist. But that doesn’t mean we’ll cut services, it won’t be horizontal savings on everything. Stuff. And social services will not be affected, but they will be able to cut back on multi-year commitments and service contracts”.

now the ball goes to the government

In short, in 2023 Rome will have 250 million euros less to spend “But the government has paid great attention to the requests regarding Metro C, giving us practically double what we asked for, so I It seems that there will be no extravagance and even the budget law should be those resources, along with the restructuring of the expenses.”


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