Taylor Swift fans think he outsmarted Scooter Braun with the cover of the song

Taylor Swift fans think he outsmarted Scooter Braun with the cover of the song

The Swifties, as its tough fan base is known, certainly think so.

On Sunday the singer tweeted a cover of her hit “Look What You Made Me Do”, which was reinterpreted as a dark and disturbing melody for the “Killing Eve” soundtrack.

“VERY THOUGHT for this cover of lwymmd on Jack Leopardi’s @KillingEve and the dolphin club !!” wrote Swift’s tweet.

But no one has ever heard of “Jack Leopards & the Dolphin Club” and the cover seems to be the only song attributed to them.

Nils Sjoberg is listed in the credits of the track’s producer, the pseudonym of Swift used in 2016 for the song of her ex boyfriend Calvin Harris with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For”.

Braun, if you remember, acquired the recordings of Swift’s first six albums last year from his former label, Big Machine Records, despite his objections.

Swift has publicly expressed his disappointment a few times since then and said he plans to re-record some of his music.

CNN contacted Swift and Braun representatives for comment.

So, is Swift’s voice on the cover of “Killing Eve” altered to look like a man? (Did she disguise herself as one in her music video “The Man”)?
One theory is that he’s been Swift’s brother, Austin, ever since she was He was reportedly invited to sing on the soundtrack of the executive producer of the show Phoebe Waller-Bridge when she and Waller-Bridge met at the Golden Globe Awards in January.

Fingers crossed that Swift letting us know the deal. Your move, Taylor.

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