Tobias Weller, 9, who has a cerebral palsy, completes the charity marathon on his walker

Tobias Weller, 9, who has a cerebral palsy, completes the charity marathon on his walker
Tobias Weller completed the final leg of his 26.2-mile marathon in Sheffield, Northern England, on Sunday surrounded by socially spaced neighbors and best wishes.
Cerebral palsy is a group of neurological disorders that affect the ability to move. According to his JustGiving page, Tobias cannot stand or walk unaided and requires support for most activities, but inspired Captain Tom Moore, a war veteran who raised millions for the UK’s National Health Service by walking his gardens before his 100th birthday, Tobias set his sights on a marathon.

Tobias had planned a sponsored 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) walk around a local park last month, but was unable to proceed due to restrictions on blocking the coronavirus.

“Then I heard about Captain Tom and thought why not use my walker to try and complete a marathon by walking up and down my street every day,” he said in a video before the marathon, admitting that it would be a ” huge challenge. “

At the start of the blockade, Tobias was able to walk a maximum of 50 meters (164 feet) per day, but as he approached the completion of his challenge – which took him 70 days, according to PA Media news agency – he was walking up to 750 meters (half a mile) per day.

“I can’t believe I’ve completed a marathon, it’s just fantastic,” he told Sky News.

He said, “Every part of it has been absolutely fantastic.

“I love when my neighbors applaud and cheer for me. I’m getting stronger every day. It’s a really good feeling.”

To date, Tobias has raised over £ 81,600 ($ 100,700) – £ 50,000 more than its original £ 30,000 target for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Paces School, a school that supports children and adults with neurological conditions, including Tobias.

Tobias’ mother, Ruth Garbutt, said they would continue walking and that they aimed to reach 50 kilometers (31 miles), according to PA Media.

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“I’m so, so happy that he completed his marathon. He did really well. He tried so hard all the way. He really reached a huge milestone,” he said, according to PA.

“I am bursting with pride for my baby. It is simply magnificent.”


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