AI chatbot negotiates discounts for users

AI chatbot negotiates discounts for users

do not pay Known for taking up legal matters on the Internet for his clients to handle, Now “the world’s first robot lawyer”, as the provider calls itself, is a AI-controlled chatbot advanced. He is said to be able to cancel membership or even negotiate bills.

DoNotPay’s Managing Director Demonstrates How AI Really Works joshua broder Recently with a demo of a chatbot on Twitter. Without Browder’s Help, the AI ​​Succeeds in Creating a Discount on one internet bill To negotiate. The bot tells the customer service representative alone about its problems with the service, threatens legal action, and ultimately requests a lower rate. In fact, the representative offers a discount to the bot $10 as compensation.

ai thank you so many times

The bot is one of the first “standalone” tools from DoNotPay. “in the end 5 years We primarily use rule-based systems, and by that I mean templates,” Browder says in an interview with ledge, The CEO added, “I can imagine that the number of disputes that we can handle has now increased significantly.” Because the chatbot can now respond directly to customers instead of just generating templates like reminders.

However, according to Brower, there are still some construction sites. Before the bot goes live, CEOs would like to work on their own extreme manners file. At the moment AI says “thank you” too often.

Smart bot based on GPT-3

The chatbot is based on the AI ​​of the American company OpenAI, called GPT-3. It also suits artificial intelligence chatbots chatgpt Destruction. Currently there is a real hype around ChatGPT. Because it seems the free AI can effortlessly answer any question you ask it. Although users like could determineAnswers are not always correct.

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According to CEO Brower, this can be ruled out on DoNotPay. If the chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a certain question, it doesn’t start chatting. “It just stops and asks the user for help,” Browder explains. In the future, DoNotPay should allow users to warn, when the bot gets stuck. So you don’t have to sit in front of the computer all the time monitoring the tools.

When will the chatbot be introduced on DoNotPay not known, His first major test will be done in the next 2 weeks.


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