football | Third League: Waldhof Mannheim also lost in Halle

 football |  Third League: Waldhof Mannheim also lost in Halle

Status : 05.11.2022 3:55 PM

SV Waldhof Mannheim remains in the third division without a win. On matchday 15, Palatinate lost 1:3 (1:2) to Hallsches FC.

Halleche FC started the game aggressively and put direct pressure on the Mannheim goal, but the visitors took the lead with their first chance: Laurent Jens made it 0-1 (8th minute) after a pass from Dominik Martinovic .

Mannheim has everything under control in the first part

After that, SVW stood down, let the home side come, then quickly switched after winning the ball and launched a counterattack. This was also the case after Marten Winkler won the ball and served to Birken Taj. The attacking player shoots just before the HFC goal from the left (28′). As the first half progressed, Wallhofer controlled the game more and more.

Kreuzer compensates with a penalty kick, Nietfeld takes the lead

Out of nowhere then balance for the home side. Halle were awarded a penalty, following a handball by Mannheim’s Julian Riedel. Niklas Kreuzer didn’t miss his chance and scored from the point to make it 1-1 (38′).

And it got worse for Kurpfälzer. In overtime in the first half, Jonas Nietfeld made it 2–1 for HFC after a pass from Tom Zimmerscheid. With this undeserved score from Mannheim’s point of view, the break was immediately struck.

Halle follows up after the half-time break

The game had just resumed when Halle scored again. Zimmerscheid made it 3-1 (48′) following a pass from Timur Garrett. SV Waldhof responded with furious attacks, but HFC stayed behind. And the next blow to the neck for Kurpfälzer quickly followed: Gerrit Gohlke saw a tactical foul on Gerrett Yellow-Red (59th), Mannheimers was fouled.

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With the majority, Halle then had the game under control. The hosts were defensively safe mounting repeated counterattacks. However, he was generous with scoring opportunities. In the final stages, both teams largely restrained their offensive efforts, making it 3:1 in the end.

Tremendous discrepancy at SV Waldhof

Due to bankruptcy, Waldhof remains the worst away team in the third division with just one point from seven games. At the same time, the Mannheimers paradoxically lead the home table. Overall, Palatinate is in eighth place with 22 points from 15 games. Not enough for the goals prepared before the season – SVW wanted to play for promotion.


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