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We are used to the fact that customers have to go to unusual places for Tesla deliveries. To efficiently hand out its electric cars, the company continues to set up new locations in the short term, where buyers get little more than containers and parking lots full of waiting vehicles. Tesla also had last week for this year Delivery of the Model Y on the premises of its German Gigafactory announced. And in fact, the first customers have already received their electric cars produced there.

First model raised at Y Gruenheide

Initially, the first handover in Grünheide near Berlin was announced only for the coming week, but on Wednesday everything seemed ready for it at the site, as can be seen from a video by local drone supervisor Tobias Lind Is. A separate area was created with office containers left of center in the large parking area south of the Tesla factory. In front of it was a Model Y with flashy paintwork or foiling, with about 100 waiting in neat rows in the rest area, almost all in white and some in black (see photo above).

So this is what Tesla’s latest makeshift delivery center looks like, this time on the site of German production – and it didn’t take long to get used to. Some commenters on Wednesday’s Lind video believed they had already seen a handover. According to reports on the Tesla Drivers & Friends (TFF) forum, the time had actually arrived by Thursday at the latest. late afternoon Report Member Model-K His arrival at the Tesla site and handover of his white Model Y Long Range at approximately 5:30 p.m.

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On Friday, another Tesla customer informed TFF about his (also white) Model Y pickup in Grünheide, which he said was “completely comfortable.” They traveled by train via Erkner S-Bahn station, where Tesla had previously e-mailed, to a bus waiting for a trip to the Gigafactory site. It was “a bit disorganized” at the site as there were no signs and no roads or paths, but containers for pickup could be found close to the bus stop. The Model Y itself is said to be in pristine condition.

Tesla factory tour not available

As of Saturday morning there were no further reports at TFF or other social media of the electric cars being picked up at the German plant. According to customers, more appointments have been made in Gruenheide for the next week so there should be more pick-up activity soon. A factory tour is currently not possible at this juncture, as Tesla has communicated this to an interested customer. it stays the same for now Sober delivery of the Model Y as elsewhere – but at least for this against the background of a huge factory.


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