This is what happens when an asteroid hits Vienna

This is what happens when an asteroid hits Vienna

Have you ever wondered what happens when a small star in you hometown Hit? with online toolsasteroid launcher“By developer Neil Agarwal, it can now be easily calculated.

In Agarwal’s calculator, size, speed and steering angle asteroids, as well as material of celestial body. The simulation takes into account asteroids made of iron, rock, carbon, ice and even pure gold.

what does size matter

In case of impact in the center of Vienna, its diameter would be approximately 40 meters uncomfortable. Although the rock asteroid will still explode 12 kilometers above Vienna, it will generate the same amount of energy as the explosion 3 megaton tnt free.

it leads to a Fireball With a diameter of one kilometer. People throughout the city of Vienna would suffer third-degree burns, and trees within a 12-kilometer radius would begin to burn. Even in Pressbaum, there is a possibility of second degree burns. It is estimated that more than 160,000 people will die.

Crater on 90 meter asteroid

But if the asteroid comes to Earth – the diameter is now 90 meters – it will inner city crater, The shock wave alone would destroy most of Vienna’s buildings. However, there is no need to worry: such an effect occurs on Earth. every 2,000 years before this.

to the size of an iron asteroid 500 meters And a 45-degree impact angle, 10 km wide and 500 m deep crater will be formed in Vienna. In Wiener Neustadt and St. Pölten i will start burning clothes amstetten Will experience people with second degree burns. alone shock wave Homes up to Graz will collapse. a earthquake magnitude 5 still causes Salzburg or Klagenfurt Damage.

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DART mission tests asteroid protection

In order not to be at the mercy of such asteroids, NASA and the ESA have the DART program. During the mission in late September, a probe was hit 180 meter big asteroid dimorphose and was able to deflect it minimally into its orbit around a second asteroid.

In future, asteroids can also be deflected in this way. collision course will be with the earth. provided they are discovered early enough.


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