New solar modules don’t need to be screwed to the roof

New solar modules don't need to be screwed to the roof

Feather photovoltaic It’s not just the panels that are a rarity at the moment. Even if modules are available, you sometimes have to wait for months before getting an installation date.

One reason is the complex assembly of panels, the other is the lack of skilled workers. German company Kopp wants to join smartflex helping out. The system promises a simple installation of solar panels without anchoring them in the roof.

Suitable for SmartFlex flat roof, a crane Lifts SmartFlex from wooden transport box to ceiling. There it is exposed by 2 installers and supplied ballast material is provided. This prevents extreme weather from moving or blowing off the module.

The method is designed to save time and money

When opened, the SmartFlex consists of 4 solar modules. total area adds up 6.8 square metersperformance 1.6kw peak, Any number of SmartFlex can be linked together. In this way, the flat roof of an entire factory building can be equipped with solar cells in much less time than with typical solar systems. According to Kopp, SmartFlex is also private household Suitable as long as it is a flat roof.

Quick set-up and low personnel costs should result in savings of time and money. Since the assembly is faster to operate than conventional photovoltaic systems, short-term construction is recommended days free of rain and frost in the winter months possible. This allows companies that install solar systems to operate during the winter, freeing up capacity during the rest of the year.

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Kopp didn’t mention how much the SmartFlex costs.


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