Plan by Embraer: Embraer presents new details on future aircraft

Plan by Embraer: Embraer presents new details on future aircraft

From a series of four future pilots, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer gives preference to two. Embraer’s fuel cell aircraft is set to compete with electric cars in the future.

one year ago Embraer showed what the aircraft of the future will look like Could The Brazilian manufacturer presented four possible models of the family of aircraft called Energia. Focus: More eco-friendly.

The aircraft manufacturer is now focusing on two models. The Energia Hybrid, which was presented as a nine-seater in 2021, is now planned by Embraer as a 19- and 30-seater. Her two propellers on the left and right sides in front of the stern are driven by a permanent fuel engine. It gets support from two electric motors when starting and when needed. The new aircraft with a range of 926 km is scheduled to fly in the early 2030s.

fuel cell by 2035

The second model is the Energia H2 Fuel Cell, which was introduced in 2021 as a 19-seater. Embraer is now investigating a 30-seater variant as well. We power the aircraft with a hydrogen-powered fuel cell that drives the propeller and takes it up to 370 kms. The technology should be ready for launch in 2035 as well as airbus,

Embraer now wants to further develop both models with the help of a so-called Energia Advisory Group, in which airlines are represented and contribute their wishes. In contrast, the fact that Embraer is focusing on both means that the design of purely electric aircraft and aircraft powered by gas turbines with hydrogen or sustainable kerosene is a low priority.

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20,000 flyer forecast

The aircraft maker has prepared three scenarios keeping in mind the demand till 2035. The most conservative estimates the need for 4000 aviators only by replacing older aviators and growth. A version that assumes additional early aircraft replacement comes to 7000 aircraft. And last but not least, there is a scenario that calculates up to 20,000 machines – provided there are new potential uses.

What this means is clarified by Embraer in comparison to an electric car. The aircraft maker contrasts travel in the electric car of the future with travel in its planned fuel cell aircraft. Distance: 370 to 555 kms. According to Embraer’s calculations, the plane would take 2:11 hours at a cost of 124 euros, the car 5:45 hours at 167 euros. The cost of travel through air should be 25 percent less than C02, Embraer is hoping to switch from cars to planes.

In the photo gallery above you can see a view of two Energia aircraft.

Graphics: Embraer


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