IRL: share your real-life experiences with our readers

Today we launch a new section on Positively Scottish: IRL.

We’re inviting readers to share their personal stories of how they dealt with serious problems, or how their experience of working with others, maybe as a coach or counsellor, is worth hearing.

The thinking behind IRL (or In Real Life for anyone not familiar with textspeak…hey, we had to double-check) is that writing and sharing can be therapeutic for the individual, and useful and inspirational for other readers.

Today’s launch article, by Steven McCrystal, is a great example: he explains how he came to terms with a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder, and has successfully reinvented himself as a writer and artist.

But the new section’s not restricted to health issues – it’s whatever you want to write about, as long as it fits into our overall philosophy of tackling a problem in a positive manner.

That might be a creative solution to LGBTI discrimination, how you cope with living in a remote location or island, or how you’re finding life in Scotland as a recent  immigrant.

Our relatively tiny budget means we can’t afford to pay for these articles, but we’re arranging a couple of things to reward everyone taking part:

  • free participation in regular writing masterclasses with some of Scotland’s finest journalists, with tips and a Q&A session each time.
  • the author of the best article each month, as judged by us, will receive £50 to be donated to the charity of their choice.

If you’d like to take part in IRL, please email us at

Tell us what you’d like to write about, and if you’d like to post a single article or have an idea for a regular series. 

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