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World Bank at COP26: “Ready to give $25 billion for climate by 2025”.

Glasgow (Scotland) – The World Bank announced its availability during a session of Cop26 in Glasgow $25 billion by 2025 for the climate. One plan, as La Stampa wrote, offers the potential to help the agriculture and food sector.

It is certainly a significant help to be able to reach zero emissions by at least 2050, but the path is still fraught with obstacles.

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world bank plan it was submitted In one of the Cop26 sessions. Following Prime Minister Draghi’s words in his speech at the conference, the institute reaffirmed its commitment to climate. The Italian prime minister had asked for further help and the response was immediate.

Therefore, in the coming days, an ambitious program could be implemented: 25 billion annually by 2025 to support the climate as well as to aid the agriculture and food sector. As mentioned, this is an important aid in achieving the objectives that the EU has set itself for the next few years.

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Cop26 until next 12 November

In Scotland, talks between the world’s most important countries will last until 12 November. A final document is awaited to understand what agreements have been reached in this conference. Certainly an important appointment to be able to honor agreements on Climate.

But the game is by no means over here. In the coming months, in fact, dialogues between leaders will also continue to understand whether there will be opportunities to estimate the timing. It will not be easy as till now no action has been taken in favor of this subject.

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