A luxurious sustainable country house with Nordic design on the Scottish coast – Idealist / News

A luxurious sustainable country house with Nordic design on the Scottish coast - Idealist / News

Scandinavian modernism enters Scottish Highlands with this shelter ross-shire From rural designlocated on the banks of Glenelg isle of skye and eaves, This land with a long history and many legends, such as the Loch Ness monster, contrasts the contemporary design of some of the elements of this beautiful home.

This particular home exemplifies both the progressive and the sensitive, the contemporary and the timeless. The design was inspired by the agricultural vernacular architecture of the West Highlands, but a significant influence of Scandinavian modernism cannot be denied.

The minimalist materials palette and barn-like profile of both the house and supporting structure draw inspiration local architectural tradition, Aluminium-clad wood windows punctuate the larch fa├žade, while a matte black corrugated iron roof is offset by a gleaming stainless steel chimney.

The home’s main entrance opens into a foyer with ample space for hanging coats and storing shoes. Beyond, the living room rises to the ceiling line, creating one large inviting space. Sociable open plan design, tailored to easy living, is an exceptional quality of light that is constantly evolving. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and carefully placed casement windows frame breathtaking views of the beach and lush jungle.

dining and lounging areas are situated around a snug wood stove, In the warmer months, sliding doors open onto a south-facing terrace. oak flooring Plywood walks underfoot, warmed by underfloor heating. The large kitchen area is full of color, with gray countertops set atop eclectic cabinetry.

A small hallway leads to two double bedrooms and a large shower room at opposite ends of the floor plan. One of the smaller rooms can be used for multiple functions, such as a painting or work studio. Completing the main home layout is a well designed utility space with an additional bathroom.

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designed to maximizeenergy efficiencyThe home was constructed using a heavily insulated custom wood framing system. It has an air source heat pump and thanks to its MVHR system, it benefits from cooling ventilation all year round. The house is designed on a north-south axis to take advantage of passive solar gain in winter when the sun’s angle is low.


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