Adam Smith fought slavery, but wants to bring the culture down

Adam Smith fought slavery, but wants to bring the culture down

How did a figure of elimination in the nineteenth century from Adam Smith go into the “problematic” Adam Smith’s twenty-first century?

By Frederick Maas.

Will the father of modern economics be banned in the name of decolonial ideology?

According to an article in daily Telegraph, A document of the “Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Group”, an observation group created by the Town Hall of Edinburgh, Scotland, will construct the tomb and the statue of the author. wealth of Nations (1776) Potential critical target for the new extreme left picking. The region? Adam Smith Considered slavery only “Unavoidable”. Article from daily Telegraph Smith explains the connection between slavery and colonialism.

However, it is sufficient to open the various works of the Scottish philosopher to feel that on this subject, he states that what is suggested by his opponents is the exact opposite.

“Waste from Europe’s Jails”

In Theory of moral feelings (1759), Adam Smith described slave traders “Waste from Europe’s Jails” […] Which have neither the countries from which they come, nor the ones from which they go, and whose lightness, cruelty and decay are so perfect that they evoke the contempt of the deprived. “

He also believes that he is “It is almost useless to prove that slavery is a bad institution even for free men”.

During the ethical philosophy courses taught in Glasgow, which were put together under the title Lecture on jurisprudence (1762–1766), Adam Smith describes slavery at the beginning of all societies, as some prefer to dominate others.

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Slavery “Gets beyond this tyrannical nature which one can almost say that it is natural for humanity.” “

On February 16, 1763, in a syllabus, a student of Adam Smith stated that his teacher believed that slavery was born “Supremacy and tyranny of love”, Causing the slavers to stick to it. the wealth of Nations Black and White explain that slavery was an unprofitable economic model.

From abolitionist Adam Smith to problematic Adam Smith?

How did we go from 19th century abolitionist Adam Smith to 21st century “problematic” Adam Smith? Today, the enterprise of racial justice is being opposed to the colonial question by radicals who have gone too far, to put it in the service of anti-capitalism.

Its chief theorist must be discredited, even if it means to prove history wrong by relying on today’s low passions. Let us not give the precedence of truth to falsehood, and freedom disappears under layers of communal ignorance.


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