Beer, Dopio Malto Brand Expands: Ten New Openings and “Sartorial” Franchisees in 2021

Beer, Dopio Malto Brand Expands: Ten New Openings and

Double malt Invests in the future. Craft beer brewing company and already has 21 premises, plans in 2021 Ten new openings And propose one New franchise formula. In a format “Sartorial” version To meet people who want to open a place from scratch or intend to change an existing business.

For Dopio Malto, it is a project that aims to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to open a “happy place”. And if the catering sector is one of the sectors hit by the epidemic, then the idea of ​​the company – originated in Erba and now exists throughout Italy – Fast flexible formatAble to adapt to the requirements decided by the change. Mix between Craftsmanship and innovation, A consolidated idea and cut down on the tailor, which works in 800 as 250 square meters. According to Asofrenching Report 2020Consists in commercial affiliation Italy Over turnover 26 billion euro, An increase of + 4.4% compared to 2018. For many entrepreneurs, the franchise is still one Ways to start your business by investing risk and rationalization, Thanks to the support of solid and structured brands.

“Ours is now a cohesive reality,” – he explains Giovanni Porku, Foodbrand Spa CEO, Trademark owner Double malt In spite of everything, in 2020 we introduced many new features, strengthened our presence in Italy and reached important milestones as Open for the first time abroad, in France. Also in 2021 we want to stay with our customers by expanding the offer and to do so we have decided to open new partners, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to make a place in their city, each of their needs. Friendly and field. “.

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Porku explained how the idea Sartorial franchising The first response to the crisis was born: “Providing our experience, we want to allow us to re-establish our campus or open doors to new business, which is the first time we invest and get involved.” To enter this world, perhaps not necessarily coming from managerial contexts already associated with catering. All without having to deal with important and often complex steps, such as location exploration, site design, and staff theoretical. And operational training. “At the same time, with the upcoming opening in Dopio Malto, its traditional development continues. Italy, grow thin France, Where a second restaurant will be opened in the center of ParisAnd debut Scotland, a Glasgow.

During 2020, the brand also implemented its own platform Sergio far I Delivery And a system of Online table reservation, Also offered to all franchisees.


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