Best Prime Day 2020 Smart Home Deals: Save $ 45 on Philips Hue Discount on Eco Show 5 and more

Best Prime Day 2020 Smart Home Deals: Save $ 45 on Philips Hue Discount on Eco Show 5 and more

This is part of the story Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to what you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day Only one day left. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the giant retailer will offer deals on many products. In fact Amazon is already starting to reduce prices on smart home gear. It includes everything from its Echo Show Smart Display and Ero Mash Wi-Fi routers to Philips Hue bulbs and Echo Dot speakers.

In some cases, these deals come in the form of bundles of products that include free devices. Others lower the actual cost of the product, but only for a limited time.


Amazon’s Aero 6 Mash Wi-Fi system may be brand new, but you can buy it on a kit that comes with two Philips Hue White Ambience LED bulbs. Amazon includes a free Echo Dot Smart speaker to sweeten the pot. Take our ero 6 read first.


The Ero Pro 6 system costs more than the standard Ero 6 but is designed to support gigabyte speeds. If you pre-order this bundle right now, Amazon with a free Fire TV Cube video streaming device once in November on the Arrow 6 ship.

Tyler Lisenby / CNET

Integrate Amazon Alexa into your car’s audio Dio system with Echo Auto Toe. Now priced at $ 30, this device is valuable for those looking for a way to add a voice assistant to their set of wheels.

Sarah She / CNET

Here’s a big deal on the company’s top smart speaker, the Amazon Echo Studio. For $ 150, Amazon will throw out two Philips Hue Wi-Fi Connect LED bulbs as part of the deal. The regular price for a studio is 200, while a pair of Hue bulbs usually sets you back $ 30. That means you together. Save 80.

Chris Monroe / CNET

One of our favorite smart displays, the Echo Show 8 has a screen that is nice and big. It’s great for video chats and Netflix, plus excellent audio dio quality. Amazon has reduced the price to $ 105, $ 25, and that includes a free one-year subscription Food Network Kitchen, A cooking aid app. Read our Echo Show 8 review.


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