Boris johnson in scottish net

Boris johnson in scottish net

Supporters of Prime Minister Boris Johnson are rare in Scotland. Of the 59 MPs elected to the north of Hadrian Wall last year, only three elected Conservatives sit in their majority in the British Parliament Westminster. But the head of government can count on the support of some of the Scottish fishermen. It is unlikely to exit the European Union on 31 December, fearing a fishermen’s union with the fishermen and its 400-member members. The boss of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association, which claims to be “Europe’s largest fishermen’s association”, will prioritize negotiations between London and the EU as a result of a deal, but Mike Park is confident that fishermen cod, haddock and whiting Would still “succeed” without a deal.

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“We are not afraid because we believe that we can negotiate access to fishing grounds and quotas with our neighbors based on international rules,” he said this week. The problem for Boris Johnson is that what applies to Scottish whitefish fishermen, in particular, does not apply to salmon farmers. “Boris Johnson will have to decide whether he is in favor of business or politics,” said Tavish Scott, head of the Salmon Producers Organization.

A symbolic fight

Scottish agricultural salmon was Britain’s number one agri-food export last year. Beyond the United States and China, France is the leading import country for pink fish. This year, logistic problems due to the Kovid-19 crisis have increased Scotland’s dependence on Europe, its nearest neighbor: between October 2019 and October 2020, the European Union absorbed 64% of Scottish salmon exports, 52% in 2019. Is above In general, British fishermen, who voted in a majority for Brexit, cannot draw the line on exports to the European Union without scrapping themselves. More than two-thirds of their catch is sold in Europe, where consumers are more fond of sardines and scallops than the British.

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But what would Brexit mean if Belgium, Irish or French maintain the same use of British water? For the deal to be successful, the European Union would have to explicitly agree to see its fishermen access to British waters. But, the last time I heard, the position of the negotiators was very different at this point. Europeans were set to lose a quarter of their access to British fish on Friday as London asked them to give up 60% of their catches. To unblock the situation, each of the two parties must accept an agreement. Statistically, the share of fisheries in the British economy is small (0.12%). However, symbolically, this fight for British water conservation bears all its weight in the very sovereign discourse that Boris Johnson has been holding for months.

Sturgeon wants a referendum

The upcoming elections from Scotland will probably encourage the British Prime Minister to have a more harmonious view of Twenty-Seven to avoid a deal. An opinion study published on Friday by the newspaper Scotsman An independent gives plenty of Scottish supporters in the lead (52% against 38%), thus confirming a core trend.

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With less than five months since the renewal of the Scottish Parliament, a no-deal exit from the European Union on 31 December undoubtedly, the Scottish Prime Minister, the popular Scottish Prime Minister, again calls for the organization of an independence referendum Will lead to . The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) never ceased to remember that Scots voted 62% in favor of keeping the United Kingdom in the European Union in 2016 – against Englishmen and fishermen. Between gaining British “sovereignty” and maintaining the unity of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson would have to decide, and quickly.

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