Brexit: Tensions between Paris and London over fishing deal

Brexit: Tensions between Paris and London over fishing deal

LeeFrance on Tuesday 27 April 2021 threatened the United Kingdom with “retaliatory measures” on financial services if a post-Brexit agreement on fisheries is not implemented. “We are asking for the whole deal, just the deal and, until it is in place (…), we will retaliate in other areas if necessary”, announced the French Foreign Minister for European Affairs, Clement Bunin on the BFM Business Channel.

β€œThe UK is expecting a number of financial services approvals from us. We will not give any unless we have a guarantee that, on fisheries and other matters, the United Kingdom will honor its commitments,” he said. Give and take. Everyone should honor their commitments. Otherwise, we will be just as cruel and difficult as partners,” he said.

stumbling point

A stumbling block to the end of Brexit talks, agreement on fisheries still slow, fueling professional discontent and a call from France for firm European action. Specifically, it provided for the issuance of licenses to the British for an area 6–12 nautical miles from its shores, where European fishermen traditionally went. But, more than four months after the conclusion of negotiations, the precious license allowing only 22 out of 120 boats from the first French fishing port, Boulogne-sur-Mer (North), to access these fish-rich waters Has received. A local manager of the area, Olivier Lepretre.

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