British street hurries are sounding the alarm

British street hurries are sounding the alarm

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In the UK, street poles are ringing the alarm bell. According to him, exports to the European Union are declining in January: 68% lower in January than in the previous year. This rapid decrease is due to new customs procedures that cause additional costs and delays.

With our correspondent in London, Maxense returns

We have known the trend since the beginning of the year. In the UK, entry has declined after complaints of a decline in activity of almost all exportersBrexit trade deal. The trend now has one figure: 68%.

According to the National Association of Road Transport Operators, this is a decline in exports to Europe from British ports. The latter estimates that up to 75% of trucks from the continent leave empty.

For his part, Boris Johnson’s government was quick to react to crossing the figure of 68%, stating that the divestment so far has been minimal. Yet the British Ports Association has confirmed the estimate of road corridors, which it believes are ” in totality What he celebrated.

It should be said that some areas have been particularly affected by process changes. In January, meat exports to the European Union were a quarter of their level last year according to producers, and Scottish fishermen estimate they have lost more than one million euros per day in 2021.

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