Campidoglio / nomination: who are they and what will the staff of Mayor Gualtieri and councilors earn

Campidoglio / Budget, OK the first change came Gualtieri

Former councillors, mini-mayors, technicians and members of the Democratic Party become secretarial heads and aides.

City president, Capitoline councilor and councillor, Lazio region staff, party members. Everything is there in the new batch of appointments launched by the Capitoline Junta last November 26 to fill the staff of Mayor Gualtieri and councillors. “Il tempo” writes this, which has made a detailed investigation.

These include a large group of former directors and administrators, starting with Antoniulio Pellonzi, the leader of the PD group in the previous council. As was rumored for weeks, he gets a job in the mayor’s office in the role of liaison between departments. An assignment for which he will receive 62,000 euros per year.

The former’s ranks also include Dame Emiliano Ciacela and Valerio Barletta, former presidents of Municipalities IV and XIV. The first has found housing in the councilor’s office in the Public Works Homli, where he will be in charge of coordinating with the municipalities for a salary of about 47 thousand euros.

Instead Barletta goes to the office of Environment and Waste Councilor Sabrina Alfonsi, where she will be the chief of staff with an annual salary of around 90 thousand euros. Alfonsi also brings with him Anna Vincenzoni, until a few months ago his councilors, at the first town hall, paid him a compensation of more than 57,000 euros. Alfonsi elected Antonella Liardo as head of the Secretariat, formerly in the area in the Secretariat of Albino Ruberti, the former head of Nicola Zingaretti’s cabinet now in the Capitol with the same role.

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Changing departments, the owner of Mobility Eugenio Patna has selected Angela Warner, his colleague in the field at the Public Works Commission, as the Chief of Staff Office. He will earn 67 thousand euros annually.

New arrivals also in the offices of Public Works Councilor Homily Signalers. As a specialist in the traffic sector, for a salary of more than 57 thousand euros, Cancellini hired Ilenia Leoni, an engineer and technical officer appointed by the Lazio region, to command in the Presidency of the Council. Along with them, for equal pay, also executives from Mitt Linda D’Amico, who will deal with the programming of the Jubilee Fund and the PNR Fund.

Jacopo Maria Emiliani Pescatelli joins the councilor’s staff for productive activities with a salary of 43 thousand euros per year for Monica Lucarelli, the outgoing vice president of the Municipality I.

Councilor Andrea Caterci is also designated politically for the decentralization; this is the former councilor Donato Mattei with responsibility for the participation of Municipality VIII. He will take care of external institutional relations for 60 thousand euros per year. New arrivals that have been added in the last 19 November such as former Capitoline councilor PD Giulio Bugarini and former President of the Twelfth Municipality Cristina Maltese, respectively the head of the secretariat and the private secretary to the mayor. Gualtieri was accompanied by Ugo Papi (8,000 euros per year), former member of the Foreign Department of the Democratic Party, and Sabrina Cavalcanti, former head of school of the Democratic Party of the Third Municipality (62,000 euros).

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Then Tommaso Sasso, Expression of the Young Democrats (57 thousand euros) and Sandra Bassotti member of the Roman Assembly of the Democratic Party (43 thousand euros). Finally Francesco Panetti, former deputy head of the cabinet of the Minister of South Mara Carfagna, who had replaced him after taking over from Dame Giuseppe Provenzano. He is the new head of the Secretariat of Sylvia Skócz, the deputy mayor with budgetary responsibility, for a salary of 9mila euro per year.


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