Circular Economy and Innovative Startups in Puglia – Press Region

Circular Economy and Innovative Startups in Puglia - Press Region

meeting with councilor maraschio on 23 february

With the approval of the Regional Sustainable Development Strategy, Puglia has embarked on a path of sustainability, clearly integrating environmental and economic policies. On Wednesday 23 February at 12:00 in the conference room (5th floor) of the Puglia region (Gentile 52, via Bari) the discussion will be held in a meeting aimed at promoting innovative experiences in sustainable waste management, by an activity program Supported regional “Extraction of Talent”.

“Guaranteeing sustainable models of production and consumption” responds to the mission of Goal 12 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which precisely indicates the areas of application of these sustainable models in production and consumption or throughout the economic system. It is therefore clear that companies value the world of production, whose role must be reverted to the need to guarantee sustainability. Equally necessary is the change in the consumption model, where citizen-consumer behavior should be driven more by the model of social and environmental sustainability.

Councilor for the Environment of the Puglia Region, Avv. In the person of Anna Grazia Maraccio, ARTI Puglia Dr. Stefano Marastoni, Head of the STAR Facility Center Laboratory of the University of Foggia, Prof. Matteo Francavilla, the sole director of startup Arabat, dot. Raphael Nacchiro, and Eng. Leonardo Binetti Associate Professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The meeting was conducted by Dr. Gian Maria Gasperi, coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee supporting the startup.

The experience of Arabat, an innovative startup made up of five very young Apulian graduates, will be presented as a case study. Arabat uses citrus waste in an unprecedented and sustainable way to extract lithium and other precious metals from expired batteries.

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The event will be broadcast live on the Puglia region’s Facebook page.


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