City Winery will need COVID-19 testing at the $ 50 site for dinner

City Winery will need COVID-19 testing at the $ 50 site for dinner

It’s a test-to-table dining.

At a New York City restaurant, all patrons will soon be required to take a quick coronavirus test at the door, before being allowed to eat within two days of the week.

What could be the first for Big Apple Pal Ethereum, City Winery in Meatpacking District will begin its pilot testing program on Tuesday.

“Given the transformation of The Tuo, it is important for us today to find the next level of safety and comfort for people to dine indoors,” founder and CEO Michael Dorf said in a press release.

“The only Covid-19 test to get patrons in rest restaurants rents for the next five months until spring time.”

Guests wishing to visit the Pier 57 establishment on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will make a prepayment of $ 50 per person for testing while making a y-line reservation by Recy.

Upon arrival, the health professional will administer a nasal swab, and the patron may miss out on a glass of City Winery while they wait 10 to 15 minutes for their results.

If the results are negative, guests can go inside – even though they still have to follow standard rules like wearing a mask and social distance.

If the test should be positive, the site will send the tests for testing by a laboratory – but the person will not be admitted to it.

The dining area is still test-free Monday through Thursday, and also offers outdoor dining.

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