Climate change: hundreds of private jets converge on COP26 in Glasgow

Climate change: hundreds of private jets converge on COP26 in Glasgow

It’s a shame at the inauguration of COP26 on Climate and when the Secretary-General of the United Nations urged humanity to “save humanity”. According to daily RecordDozens of celebrities have flown in a private jet to the Scottish capital where the conference is taking place. In total, around 400 devices were counted in Glasgow, releasing 13,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the production of 1,600 Scots each year.

And these are all personalities that are targeted, starting with the great heads of state whose private planes are the biggest polluters. Our colleagues cite Joe Biden’s Air Force One, the French Kotum 001, the Canadian Air Force VIP, the German Konrad Adenauer or even the Japanese Air Force One. But don’t forget Jeff Bezos, take note business Insider, who arrived in Glasgow with his own aircraft, the Gulfstream Jet.

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Climate with a “hypocrisy”

A heresy for environmentalists and conservationists in Glasgow. “We can’t even measure how bad private jet transportation is for the environment. […] It’s the worst form of transportation you can use,” emphasizes Matt Finch of Transport and the Environment, who fights for a clean alternative to transportation. The private jet is coveted, but it’s hard not to succumb to the hypocrisy of using such a mode of transport when you claim to be fighting against climate change,” he pleaded.

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According to these environmental associations, a jet trip emits ten times more greenhouse gases per person than the same economy class trip and 150 times more than a train. Private jets arrived at this COP26 through seven different airports, two of which were specially reserved for them. Even Boris Johnson has not “escaped” the criticism. If he had planned to reach London by private jet with “sustainable fuel”, many criticized him for the rate of conventional fuel used for the trip.

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