Coca-Cola Italy launches first bottles with caps that stay attached

Il tappo resta attaccato alla bottiglia: ecco come Coca-Cola anticipa una parte della normativa Sup

Coke Every minute produces about 200 thousand plastic bottles and has repeatedly topped the ranking of the main polluters on the planet over the years, due to the dispersion of this material in the environment. This should come as no surprise, given the more than 500 brands of soft drinks and bottled water it distributes in over 200 countries. Also in 2021 was indicated by Coca-Cola green Peace Among the multinational companies responsible for encouraging the expansion of plastics production. With such a course, the Atlanta-based company certainly cannot be at the bottom of the ranking of companies that are able to align with European objectives. EU Directive 2019/904 (Super, single use plastic). Its leading role among manufacturers of plastic packaging commits it to be one of the most active industrial realities in putting into practice the points envisaged by the single-use plastic reduction/elimination process.

after the announcement Last February, with which the company announced that it wanted to use 25% refillable bottles Globally by 2030, it is time for new announcements. In this case, these are less ambitious goals, which provide for the early fulfillment of one of the points envisaged by one of the Italian and United Kingdom branches. to swell, The point of consideration is that, starting from July 2024, plastic bottles with caps that remain attached to the neck of the bottle even when opened, in this way relate to the obligation to avoid their spill into the environment (cups and glasses). The same obligation shall apply to the lids of the These items have actually been identified among the products found on the beaches of the Union.

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Coca-Cola, Fuzetea bottle with cap that attaches to the bottle
Coca-Cola Italy FuzeTea . Introduced new caps starting from

since last aprilTherefore, Coca-Cola Italia introduced the first bottles with banded caps (Caps joined the bottle), promoted them with the communication campaign ‘Unite to Recycle’. In the case of our country, the innovation will evolve, starting with Fujitti’s 400 ml and 1.25 liter packs. Within a year, the innovation will be extended to all pet packages of the company’s leading brands in the country. In addition to limiting spills in the environment, the new solution also allows for a 14% reduction in the plastic used for each cap. Definitely a small quantity, if we consider the single bottle, which becomes important considering the huge number of packages produced by the company.

in communication The Coca-Cola Italia initiative underscores that this project is not an isolated case, but banded caps They are part of a sustainability strategy called by The Coca-Cola Company. world without garbage (ie: a world without waste). As examples of this commitment, Coca-Cola also cites bottles made from completely recycled plastic (RPET) for the various formats of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Fujitti. Also in this case the initiative is presented as an anticipation, in fact, as an extension of European legislation, which provides for a composition of at least 25% recycled plastics by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030. Is. Respect at this point, however, the greenwashing report, recently presented at the Festival of the Circular Economy, cites Coca-Cola as an example of this practice, underlining that the bottles made internationally at RPET account for only a small portion of total production. Huh. However, the company also claims other initiatives to reduce the impact of its packs, such as the recently introduced nail clip, A solution that allowed the reduction of secondary packaging by removing plastic wrapping from many packs of cans, replacing it by a paper system and, finally, removing color from Fanta and Sprite bottles, making recycling easier.

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The first stretch of ocean filled with microplastics, shorelines and garbage.  Concept: Coca-Cola among the main culprits of pollution
Caps and lids are indicated by EU law on single-use plastics among the most trash found on EU beaches

with the month of MayThen, starting with Scotland, the new opening system was also introduced in the United Kingdom. Coca-Cola Great Britain aims to progressively expand the use of banded caps, reaching to integrate them on all the products managed by the branch by January 2024. However, such anticipation with regard to legislation is not new even for the Great Britain branch, which last year declared that it had been reached earlier than expected. Like the Italian branch in this case, the goal of using recycled plastic, excluding caps and labels, in bottles of 500ml and less, helps to save about 29 thousand tons of plastic per year. These are alternatives in line with policies made by the British government, along with the new environment act, Promotes recycling across the country, carrying out projects providing security deposits and active participation of producers.

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