Conference League, 3rd Bracket: Absolutely good to avoid. Watch out for Anderlecht

Conference League, la terza fascia: Nizza assolutamente da evitare. Occhio all

We know 32 teams of Europa Conference League. Fiorentina are in the second bracket and should beware of the so-called outsiders Of the third band, which are the following:

Nice, France)
Anderlecht (Belgium)
Jalgiris (Lithuania)
Austria Vienna (Austria)
Heart (Scotland)
Shamrock Rovers (Ireland)
Sivaspor (Turkey)
Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

Good The if and but team is without to escape. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, after failing to climb Chelsea, decided to invest heavily in the Cte ​​d’Azur club, of which he already owned. Nicolas Pepe is the latest chronological name in the list of reinforcements that also includes Casper Schmeichel and Aaron Ramsey. The season began quietly and qualifying for the groups ended, only in extra time against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Also avoidenderlecht, who only outperformed the Young Boys’ penalty kick. Sebastiano Esposito is the Italian flag bearer, but so is Felice Mazu, a technician of Italian descent. Fabio Silva is a young Portuguese talent who speaks very well and has been sent on loan by Wolverhampton to Belgium to find a place.

One step below the others: The Sivassper Turkey is far from the football nobility and is currently ranked 13thAustria Vienna If you have come back from tough times at the financial level shamrock rovers Modest Irish football represents reality and the same can be said Jalgiris to Lithuania. heartRelegation has gone up the slopes in the Scottish Championship after it became known recently, proposing themselves as the tournament’s third force behind the unattainable Celtic and Rangers.

separate mention for vaduz, Thanks to his success against the top-rated Rapid Vienna, he led Liechtenstein to a representative in UEFA competition for the first time. Curiously, the team participates in the Swiss Second Division Championship (Challenge League) because the principality does not have a national championship. And access to the European Cup is guaranteed only by the National Cup, which, incidentally, is won 48 times out of a total of 75.

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