Cop26: Singolani giving voice to youth, ‘from protest to resolution’

Cop26: Singolani giving voice to youth, 'from protest to resolution'

(ANSA) – LONDON, 05 November – Glasgow’s place as COP26 is committed to young people in the wake of the initial appointment from Italy in recent months to a conference dedicated to them and as gathered by their 40,000 voices Is. So far, so that they can pass “from protests to resolutions”. Thus follows Minister Roberto Singolani, the protagonist of the day’s briefing of the COP in Scotland, along with, among others, the British President of the Conference, Alok Sharma.

Singolani announced the transformation of Youth Climate 2021, held in Milan in September, into “an annual forum” reserved for younger generations who want to “feel represented” and be able to express themselves.

The Italian minister described the Milanese Youth Climate as “a great experience” and a source of “inspiration”.

Not only to allow them to stay in touch with each other and with institutions on the subject of climate change, while prompting the creation of “a portal accessible to all young activists” as a result of that event; But also that an ad hoc “budget” aims to make the youth conference on climate permanent “every year”. As per the details he reserved for disclosure after discussing them at the United Nations. (the handle).

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