Cop26, the fate of climate change passes between Milan and Glasgow

Cop26, the fate of climate change passes between Milan and Glasgow

In short:

  • The final preparatory placement, Pre-Cop26, ended in Milan before Cop26 in Glasgow, scheduled between 31 October and 12 November.
  • The main goal will be to achieve climate neutrality by 2050
  • Greta Thunberg steals the show by criticizing the hypocrisy of governments’ green policies

Between 30 September and 2 October, delegations from around 50 countries met in Milan to prepare for the important COP26 meeting to be held in Glasgow in the first two weeks of November. The point of position on the decision that has been made between the ambitious goals and the program delivered by the youth of “youth4climate” to the great people of the planet. And yes, even “blah blah blah” Greta Thunberg.

What Was Pre Cop26?

This is a preparation event that takes place a month before Cop26. Opportunity to meet politicians and representatives from various countries participating in the important climate meeting organized by Glasgow during the first two weeks of November. The pre-cop for this edition took place from 30 September to 2 October at the Milan Congress Center and was attended by about 50 countries. In the intentions of the organisers, the event should have laid the foundation for Glasgow, where 190 world leaders would be invited to reach an agreement. on whom? Concrete and common measures to tackle climate change. During one of the previous events, COP21 in Paris in 2015, the now famous “Paris Agreement” came to the fore. The most important objective then was to keep the average temperature increase on the planet below 2 °C compared to the pre-industrial era. In Scotland the bar will be raised further (provided that a common agreement is found).

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What are the goals of COP26 in November?

Feather Conference official site Premises are listed, which the delegations will have to discuss and reach an agreement. First mentioned is the ambitious goal of a “global net-zero” by the middle of the century. That is, climate neutrality by 2050, a world economy that cannot emit more carbon dioxide from the planet’s biosphere. All until then without a temperature rise of more than 1.5 degrees. Roads that can be traveled include a ban on coal use, the fight against deforestation, the transition to electric mobility and the facilitation of investment in renewable energy. The second point refers to protecting ecosystems, the third to raising at least $100 billion each year for environmentally friendly finance (in other words, directing and guiding financial investments in items that do not cause pollution). On the fourth point, not least, the effective application of the rules set out by the Paris Agreements.

Everything you need, as long as it’s not “blah blah blah”

The youth meeting of “Youth4 Climate”, or “Young People for the Climate”, was also held in the framework of pre-Cop 26. The ex-COP 26 met 400 between the ages of 15 and 29 for the drafting of a common document to be presented to official government delegations. among others, the interference of Greta Thunberg spread rapidly.

The young activist has actually accused politicians of hiding behind abbreviated words and proclamations, limiting themselves to “blah blah blah”, onomatopoeia indicating a kind of sterile river of words by governments backed by real actions and facts. Will give “Our hopes and dreams are steeped in their hollow words and promises” and “Of course we want to have a constructive dialogue but now we have thirty years behind us blah blah.” In short, a call to action, which has become impossible to postpone.

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Document given by “youth” to “adults”

The young people were divided into four working groups, which at the end of the debate prepared a document to be presented to the politicians involved in the talks. First, institutions are asked to actively involve youth in the decision-making process. Then the quantitative objective was also shared with the Paris Agreement, the maintenance of an increase in the average temperature of the planet at 1.5 °C (actually more ambitious than what the states in Paris have allowed themselves, or 2 °C). However, the transition must guarantee “decent jobs” to ensure the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. Also focus on sustainable finance with a transparent and reliable system with strong regulation of carbon emissions. There is also a message for the media, with a request to train journalists who are able to “understand the urgency and implications of the climate crisis, simplify scientific discoveries and facilitate policies, in a transparent, accessible manner”. the document is anyway The full version is freely available at this link.

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